Latin Music Artists Forge Unity Around Michael Jackson’s Timeless Hits

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Early next year, an exciting album will be hitting the Latin music market. The name of this project, which is directed by musician and producer Tony Succar, is Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson. As its name suggests, the upcoming production pays tribute to the music of the legendary King of Pop with a Latin twist that injects some of Michael Jackson’s most enduring hits with the beats of genres and styles such as Salsa, Puerto Rican Bomba, Cuban Guaguanco and Peruvian Lando.

The 14 tracks included in Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson were recorded by an amazing group of musicians alongside top Latin music stars including Tito Nieves, La India, Obbie Bermudez, Jennifer Peña, Michael Stuart, Jan and Kevin Ceballo.

Although this project is still a surprise to discover, two singles have already hit the Latin music market: “I Want You Back,” featuring Tito Nieves and “Sera Que No Me Amas,” featuring Michael Stuart. While the former maintains most of the original English lyrics, the latter is a tropical version of the Spanish-language hit that Luis Miguel recorded of Michael Jackson’s “Blame It On The Boogie.” Both tracks are defined by intoxicating Salsa beats.

From my interview with Tony Succar, I got lots of interesting insights about the making, content and style of this production. According to Tony Succar, Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson is not simply an album but rather a whole experience whose ultimate goal is that of using music “to help dissolve barriers between people and countries and shine a light on that which draws us all together, the love of music and dance, just as Michael envisioned.”

I am particularly intrigued to see the way people will react to this project. After all, Tony Succar and company are revisiting some of the most influential songs in the history of Pop. That said, however, the first taste provided by “I Want You Back” and “Sera Que No Me Amas” is a promising one. I am definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

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