Los Rivera Destino and Benito Martínez (Bad Bunny) Release the Ultimate Fathers Day Song “Flor”

This past weekend Puerto Rican Comedian Group Los Rivera Destino joined forces with Benito Martínez (better know for his Trap Music Bad Bunny) to release what might be the best Father Day song ever. The song talks about how important dads are. Speaking how it doesn’t matter if we might or might not have their last names, and going as far as saying how we came from a moment of ejaculation. The song is super creative and adds to the amazing work that Los Rivera Destino in the last year.

Los Rivera Destino are Puerto Rican Comedian Group who use music to help share their message to the world. They are also pretty creative because they do it through the sounds of Bolero, which too many they might thing it’s an old sound. Great thing about it is that the Rivera’s have been able to update the beat and feels and with doing  Bolero versions to top songs such as “Te Bote” and “Dura“. Tt shows their fans that Bolero can be cool and its not a sound from years past or what someones parents or grandparents would listen too.

Over all I am a big fan of this track and I will be adding it to my Fathers Day Playlist for the next couple of years. The video has collected over 2 Million Views in a Day and half and its trending on all music platforms. Make sure to check out the video below and let us know what you think of the video and if you would play it for your dad. 

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