Luis Fonsi presents his “Noche Perfecta” Tour 2022

In this preview of the great note that we made for CM, Luis Fonsi told us about his desire to be on stage, what his new tour is going to be and much more. Do not miss the note!

Luis Fonsi arrived to present his “Noche Perfecta” Tour 2022, after the release of his tenth studio album “Ley de Gravidad”, accompanied by his new single and video “Dolce”, in Córdoba and Buenos Aires and told us how much he missed playing live:

You always really want to be on stage, but now more, when they take the stage away from you for a few years, that’s where you realize how tasty that affection, that warmth, that love, of the public is and that’s why this tour arrives with so much love and we are anxious, and I say anxious because we are a family of musicians, dancers, technicians, who all feel and realize how beautiful our work is” says Luis Fonsi

After a long journey, Luis Fonsi told us that it was something beautiful, where he would not go back in time to change anything, and added: “Everyone wants to have instant success, I talk to many young people, who see artists who with a record and three hits already have their private plane and it’s easy to look at it from the outside and say ‘oh, I want that'”

And he continued: “In my case it wasn’t like that, it took me a long time; I was a young music student, I didn’t come from a famous group, it was like ‘and who are you? Well… My name is Luis Fonsi, I sing …’ and I had to defend myself by singing, I went from song to song so that people knew me and that’s how it was, but it was a beautiful path, I don’t change it, because it made me the person I am and has helped me consolidate myself with a very loyal public that have always been there, record after record, where they have been for 23 years“.

Regarding his tour, the artist told us that he is going to do everything possible to make it a “Perfect Night” for the public, and that is why he gave the tour that name, which also has to do with the song “Perfecta” -which includes her new album-: “I want it to be a mixed night, romantic, happy, of dance, of vein-cutting songs, I want us to remember those songs that were important many years ago, that we celebrate the new, that they listen to the evolution” says Luis Fonsi.

There are very structured moments in the show, and there are very free moments, where there is no script and where people suddenly take control of the show, and I have always been like that, I like to interact with my audience, that they ask me for songs, that if I know them I sing them and if I don’t remember them, suddenly I make them up, but that’s a live show, which in terms of structure is not perfect, but rather has that up and down, where the relationship with the different audiences is different,” Luis Fonsi concluded.

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