Madonna and Tokischa spice up the stage in New York with a passionate kiss

On the occasion of ‘Pride’, Madonna offered a show full of eroticism in New York in which she starred with the Dominican rapper Tokischa. Both surprised the public with hot kisses and a high-caliber musical presentation that soon became a trend on the networks.

Hundreds of people belonging to the community applauded the kiss between the artists, because as they mention, it was one more act to claim the rights of gender diversity and make love between women visible.

Madonna, 63, and Tokischa, 26, sang the iconic theme of the queen of pop, “Hung Up” in a new version and raised the temperature of the moment with a choreography full of sensuality that managed to go viral on social networks.

Her explicit lyrics and her videos loaded with sexual references divide those who only see provocation and those who feel that she is a renovator of Latin music. Rosalía, J Balvin and producer Marshmello have already succumbed to her charms.

The people who get upset with me is because they don’t feel like a b*****,” the Dominican star replies emphatically.

In “Estilazo”, Tokischa puts aside the “dembow” and joins forces with Marshmello, king of American electronics, to deliver a “vogue” and “fashionista” song that celebrates ‘queer’ culture in just over two minutes, the sexual liberation and shameless eroticism of social networks.

Armed with that same foul-mouthed attitude, Tokischa, 26, has racked up as many controversies as she has hit songs.

Last summer, she had to apologize for a photo shoot in which she posed sensually in front of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Altagracia, patron saint of the Dominican Republic.

A year earlier, YouTube removed her song ‘Desacato Escolar’ from her because she spoke explicitly about prostitution on the streets of her island. Immediately after, it became a viral phenomenon.

(Read: She married a rag doll and now they ‘have a child’ together).

Similarly, that song managed to give visibility to a fairly recurring problem in Puerto Rico, where underage girls are used for sex tourism and white slavery. A situation that the artist managed to live in her youth, an experience that left her marked and that she has managed to mention in several interviews with local media.

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