Magic Juan, Toño Rosario, Shelow Shaq “Pásame La Botella”

Today, singer, rapper, and one of the architects in the Latin urban movement Magic Juan released the song “Pásame La Botella” together with Dominican merengue legend Toño Rosario, and influential dembow performer Shelow Shaq.

“Pásame La Botella” is a remake of Mach & Daddy’s 2005 hit “La Botella,” which soared to number one in radio charts all over Panama and Central America, and rose to the Top 10 in Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs. While the original song was about drowning one’s romantic misery in a few drinks, this 2021 version adds the element of leaving your sorrows behind and enjoying the fact that there’s no more lockdown.

In “Pásame La Botella” we hear the reggaetón, soca, and dancehall influences mixed with Magic Juan’s distinctive style, Shelow Shaq’s mastery in his raps, and Toño Rosario’s magical quirkiness, delivering a fresh, new take of a song that was so beloved.

“Since the world is reopening, I wanted to do something fun, that got people dancing and enjoying themselves, and that’s where the idea came for taking ‘La Botella’ and turning it into 2021’s party anthem,” Magic Juan said.

“I’m very excited about having the legend Toño Rosario and Shelow Shaq joining this fresh take, and making it a completely new song that will bring back great memories but that will also help you create new ones,” Magic Juan added.

Magic Juan rose to prominence in the music industry as part of Proyecto Uno, a popular group that gained massive popularity in the ‘90s for blending merengue, techno, dancehall, reggae, hip-hop, and rap into their music. Through their career, the group has won Latin Billboard awards, Premio Lo Nuestro awards and was even nominated for an Emmy award.

Singles like “El Tiburón,” “Latinos,” “Está Pegao,” “Baby Come Back,” and “Meneando La Pera” were just some of the songs that defined the soundtrack of that generation, making Magic Juan an icon for his unmatched bilingual rapping, very suave demeanor and the iconic phrase “No pare’ sigue, sigue.”

In 2003, he released his solo debut, La Prueba, and became the New York correspondent for Telemundo’s Latin hip-hop show, The Roof. Now, with 8 solo albums under his belt, Magic Juan continues working to expand the reach of Latin music, whether it’s with his own material, or producing songs for the up-and-coming and established artists of this generation.


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