Maho will release a new EP … Talks about a breakup

This EP will be composed of 5 songs which can relate each stage, exploring through urban genre.

In an interview with the singer Maho, he shared with us that his most recent project is the first complete EP that is of the urban genre that he had not tried until then and was encouraged to venture into it with five songs titled “The stages of a rupture” since in this concept regardless of the stage one is in the breakup, there may be a song that can fit into the EP.

The reason why Maho created this song was because he wanted something very digestible for people as it is a situation that most of them have gone through during any stage, having as a philosophy that music is of understanding and can tell the states of encouragement, adding that he has a majority taste for sad lyrics, added to the fact that female reggaeton has had an empowering approach where everything is directed towards what was not had, clarifying that this is not focused on a personal anecdote.

The first song is called “I orré”, the second is “I didn’t even think of you anymore” where you get unstuck after the breakup, the next is “I believe you” where you already had fun but you have a relapse, so the two other topics that deal with these stages of the five.

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