Maldita Vecindad Announce 2019 US Tour

Photo Courtesy of Artist

Maldita Vecindad, one of the most beloved bands of Mexican rock, announced on Wednesday a tour of the United States in October, which will include presentations in Texas, California and on the east coast of the country.
With the title “Maldita Vecindad, 33 years of Peace and Dance”, the tour will be a tour of the entire discography of the band, including classics and emblematic songs of the tributes in which it has participated; in addition, new versions played with an alignment of luxury musicians.
“New sounds will be heard in a spectacular stage with visual effects, which will accompany the songs in a dialogue between music and images, it will be an anniversary show, roots and Pachukote culture of the neighborhood for the world,” said the members.

Maldita Vecindad and Los Hijos del 5º Patio was born in 1985 mixing rock and traditional Mexican music with the energy of ska. In 1988 they recorded their first album and made their first tour of the United States. His second record production, El Circo, reached the record number of more than 1,000,000 albums sold, only in Mexico. They currently have more than a dozen albums.
They have worked alongside relevant rock figures such as INXS, Leonard Cohen, Radio Head, Janes Addicttion, Sonic Youth, Mandes, Faith No More among others.

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