Maluma launches a mezcal called ‘Contraluz’

The Colombian singer Maluma presented himself this Wednesday as a businessman in New York by launching his own brand of mezcal, Contraluz, one of the several businesses that he has underway and that reflect the evolution of his ambitions, although he assured that music continues to be his priority. “number one”.

The 28-year-old artist, named Juan Luis Londoño Arias, summoned the media in a Manhattan skyscraper to make himself known as co-owner of this mezcal, whose name somehow expresses who he claims to be “behind the scenes”: “A dreamer who he gets up every day to help his family get ahead,” he said.

Maluma said that he grew up in the business world thanks to people around him, including his father, and maintained that in the last ten years he has grown musically, but also as a “low-profile entrepreneur” who has decided that it is “the moment to tell the world about those projects” that he had “under the table”.

“My dreams are not just ambition to get money, but to inspire generations,” said the singer, who joins a long list of celebrities who combine the world of entertainment with business, including reggaeton singer J Balvin .

Asked about his business references, he indicated that the actor The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), who has a production company, is one of them: “He knows how to combine his acting with his business, and here we are at the moment, learning from the hands of the great ”.

In the case of Contraluz, which has begun to be distributed in Mexico and which it hopes to expand to Europe, it revealed that it had “put up several million dollars to own it”, which is not limited to being the face of a brand, but rather positions itself as one of “the most important investors”.

Maluma gave a toast and expressed his hope that his mezcal would become an inspiration for Latinos, reflecting their culture and their “power” in the world, but he took issue with the question of whether alcohol, for which other artists have chosen in their foray into business, it is the only exportable element on the continent.

“There are many beautiful and important things that we Latinos have to expand worldwide. I am exporting my art worldwide and if I can export other things apart from music, then I am happy to do so”, Maluma commented, without losing his smile and giving off affability.

“I have a clothing line, a horse farm, a fragrance that just came out… I have a lot of things that I can’t name that are going to be part of the next semester. I just opened my audiovisual production company, Royalty Films. We make all the videos of my career with my own production company”, he added.

It was difficult to get more details out of him, but before leaving exclaiming in English “keep dreaming” (keep dreaming) and between thanks, he added that he has not forgotten his origins, since he is “helping new generations of Medelllín” (Colombian city where he develops some charity projects) and “new artists”.

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