Maná maintains his “addiction” to the stage with a new US tour.

If guitarist Sergio Vallín is sure of one thing, it is that the passion that all the members of Maná have for their artistic work has allowed them to sustain their musical proposal for more than 30 years, which in 2023 continues with a new tour of the United States.

“The love for music and the passion for it keep us together, in addition to the fact that the stage is addictive,” says the guitarist in an interview with EFE about the countless times he has stepped on stage accompanied by Fher Olvera, Alejandro González and Juan Calleros. .

After reflecting on his life and career during the pandemic, having done a residency of more than a dozen performances in Los Angeles and returning to the Mexican stages, the band originally from Guadalajara is preparing to begin next year their next US tour, titled “Mexico lindo y querido”.

The authors of “Rayando el sol” resumed concerts at the beginning of 2022 with their first residency at the Forum in Los Angeles, a venue that Vallín calls “the cathedral of rock”.

“Almost all the residences are in Las Vegas and when they proposed it to us there we said of course! Los Angeles is our second home. Since “Falta amor” (1990), the Maná records have been recorded there, ”he assured.

Having made 12 dates in a single place made their followers demand a tour of some cities in the country and to please them they marked 19 dates on the calendar, between February and September.

San Antonio, Chicago, Atlanta and New York, among others, are some of the stops that Mexicans will make in 2023, starting with Los Angeles, where they will resume and say goodbye to their residence.

Vallín is looking forward to the start of the tour and emotionally remembers all those experiences that arose from previous road tours: “When we have done it, it is incredible, you play and travel at night in the little beds, it is great and it is a very good way of sharing how band”.

In addition, he considered that these experiences have helped the creation of music, so this occasion cannot be less.

“The ‘hard drive’ (the brain) always receives information from experiences and when you have the opportunity to sit down and write, everything comes out. It is very nice to travel and nourish yourself with people, places. Maná’s songs have a lot of all those experiences ”, he deepened.

The last musical project presented by the band was a collaboration album where they shared their songs with various and diverse artists, such as Christian Nodal, Sebastián Yatra or Alejandro Fernández.

However, seven years have passed since they released “Cama incendiada”, their last album of unpublished songs, so their followers have not stopped asking them for new music. They hope to fulfill that wish by the end of 2023.

“Since the beginning we have liked to explore different musical seas. ‘Treacherous butterfly’, for example, is very different from ‘Nailed in a bar’. Our music is very eclectic, but it always comes from our hearts and it’s something we really feel”, said Vallín.

With that in mind and with the recent reflection that a large number of their followers are also from the Mexican regional, the group could venture into new sound horizons.

On the other hand, the 50-year-old musician expressed great concern about the political situation in his country.

“I am concerned that democracy will disappear. We have a wonderful country in every way. I am worried that we will lose the compass, it is necessary that Mexico be led by someone who knows how to do things and who truly cares about the people, ”he concluded.

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