Maná says Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexicans were ‘full of hate’

Members of the Mexican rock group Maná defended the dignity of Mexican immigrants following business tycoon Donald Trump’s verbal attack against the community during the speech launching his presidential campaign.

“There is a person named Donald Trump who made very violent statements, full of hate against Mexicans and Latin Americans – called them rapists, criminals, drug traffickers and said that they were rubbish,” said Fher Olvera, lead singer of the group, at a press conference preceding a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Olvera, who also plays guitar, and his bandmates Juan Calleros, Sergio Vallín and Alex González, are on tour promoting their newest album, “Cama Incendiada” (“Burning Bed”). They talked about Trump’s speech after the sound test on Thursday in Los Angeles.

“It makes me sad because Mexicans have come to help build this country, and it’s sad that someone with so much hatred in his heart has a microphone to say these things,” Overa said about Trump’s statements declaring himself a candidate for the Republican nomination for president on Tuesday.

He added that such hatred was last seen in German and Nazi films and demonstrated “an excessive xenophobia.”

“We are very angry with Trump, because many Latinos are construction workers who have helped build his buildings, and he is forgetting that they are the ones working hard to build the United States,” Gonzalez said.

Maná has won 11 Grammys and 14 Billboard awards since the band formed in 1986.

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