Marcianeke vents on his new single.. Me Quiero y Me Odian

Little by little, urban music has been taking over the national scene. There are various young artists who have independently chosen to create music from their homes or improvised studios and thanks to the exposure of social networks they have been building their careers.

One of the clearest examples of this new way of making music is Matías Muñoz, better known as Marcianeke, the author of Dímelo Ma, seemed to have come out of nowhere, becoming an overnight success, but from the age of 14 years he has ventured into the world of music.

Before being Marcianeke, the dyed blond boy full of tattoos, gold chains and luxury cars, he was a 14-year-old teenager who, under the pseudonym Mati Boy, uploaded some songs to YouTube, collaborating with other artists.

Some of the videos, which can still be seen on the platform, show the young man singing along with a friend nicknamed King Codes, as well as improvising lyrics in the classroom accompanied or alone at home, showing that his interest in the music was not sudden.

Muñoz grew, and so did his desire to make a career out of rhymes and music. He left behind the Mati Boy pseudonym to become Marciano, due to a tattoo he has on his abdomen of an alien. But this nickname was very common, so he became Marcianeke.

“You don’t know how to cut it, don’t get carried away by the networks, but I still want you to get entangled,” launches Marcianeke, the Chilean star of the urban scene, in her new single titled Me Quiero y Me Odian.




It is a more introspective and confessional theme, in which the young Matías Muñoz (the singer’s real name) launches his impressions about fame and reactions to his popularity, with his usual direct style. “They want to lower my level and they can’t”, she blurts out.

Although it is not the first time that she develops the idea-she did it before her and she did it in Envy-, Marcianeke raps a text that incorporates some reflections from the intimate. “I recognize my mistakes, no one has to correct me, I am Marcianeke, I am not going to get bored, although several turned around without being able to say goodbye.”

The song was produced by a team that included notable producers such as Nes, Donner and Mustache. The publication is made under the alliance of Rimas Entertainment -the label that represents Bad Bunny- and El Valle de los Reyes de Chile.



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