Maria Becerra Releases “Tu Me Lo Haces Facil”

Maria Becerra continues her streak as the leading female voice of Argentina’s urban pop movement with her new single “Tú Me Lo Haces Fácil.” The moody love song arrives today with a psychedelic music video that takes Becerra and her fans back to the ’90s.

As Argentina becomes more of a force in Latin music, Becerra is right there leading the charge with her impressive streaming numbers and social media presence. With over 5 million followers across all social media platforms, Becerra achieves high audience engagement across all platforms from her rapidly growing fanbase. Her quirky style and otherworldly vocals are connecting with both Latin pop and urban audiences who continue to add to those great numbers.

The 20-year-old artist is translating those social media numbers into equally impressive views, plays, and streams of her music. Within nine months since the release of her first single and with only 7 songs out, she has already positioned herself as one of Latin music’s top artists. Becerra’s music video for “High” has more than 41 million views on YouTube and 22 million streams on Spotify. Her other 3 hits “Perdidamente,” “Dejemos Que Pase,” and “Dime Como Hago” are all near 16 million views on YouTube and 7 million streams on Spotify each. Becerra has become the only female artist in 2020 to have 5 singles in the global top 100 chart of YouTube Argentina the same time.

Expect Becerra’s latest “Tú Me Lo Haces Fácil” to follow a similar trajectory of her previous hits, and surpass them, since this Argentine star has proven to be a global force in Latin music.

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