Matteo Bocelli on collaboration with Yatra: “love is always my main inspiration”

Matteo Bocelli joined his voice and musical essence with the Colombian Sebastián Yatra in “Until she’s gone/Tu luz qué”, the new single by the young Italian singer-songwriter who seeks to thank the support of his Spanish-speaking fans through music and language. In an interview with M2, Matteo described how the collaboration with Yatra happened, whom he admires for his talent and international relevance.

The author explained that he composed “Until she’s gone / Your light stayed” in London a couple of years ago and from the first moment he knew what his ideal way of presenting it would be.

“This song was born in English. Sometimes when you write music, ideas and things occur in your mind and I immediately thought it would be a perfect duet song. I felt that I needed someone else next to me to sing it and that it was a song that could be interpreted in many languages,” he explained.

As a result of that idea, Matteo Bocelli contacted Sebastián Yatra, who accepted and also collaborated with the creation of the lyrics in Spanish:

I met him in Malta, for the video. It’s been fantastic because I not only found an artist, but a beautiful person, with a beautiful soul, and that’s very important for a collaboration because if you don’t find the right chemistry it doesn’t make sense, you have to really feel it. Today, I am very happy to be able to call Sebastián Yatra “friend”.



Matteo Bocelli shared that from a very young age he has been exposed to Latin American music. Performers like Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston and his father, Andrea Bocelli, brought him closer to the Latin sensibility in music and became a reference for his career and his musical identity. Latin influence “Spanish is a language that I have always admired. Since I was a child I have enjoyed singing classic songs like “Bésame Mucho”, “Somos Boyfriends”. Also, I have always felt great support from Latin America and that is the main reason why I decided to focus on that region, because I think the people deserve it.

The collaboration with Sebastián is something incredible for me, but I hope that also for the listeners”, Bocelli highlighted.

With his most recent single already on platforms, accompanied by other songs like “Dime” and “Close“, he focuses on enjoying every moment of his musical career and that in this particular case leads him to connect more intimately with the Latino public.

In addition, he took the opportunity to thank Sebastián Yatra for his support, the work they did together for “Until she’s gone / Your light stayed” and declared that, as an artist, his most immediate source of inspiration continues to be love. .”

“Love is always my main motivation. It is the engine that has allowed everything to move and continue. Love in 360 degrees. Love of neighbor, humans, the world and love of music. Music has always been a part of my life, I was born with it and I couldn’t imagine my life without it,” he concluded.

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