Mau and Ricky Montaner, “We cover the mouths of many”

Mau and Ricky are actually Ricky and Mau, if you take into account the order of appearance of each one in this world. Ricardo Andrés Reglero Rodríguez was born in Venezuela 31 years ago; his brother Mauricio, 28 years ago, in the same country.

They are part of the Montaner clan headed by his father Ricardo Montaner, although they have achieved, in recent years, a musical projection that allowed them to become independent from their famous father. As you can see, they are three years apart but they have a sixth sense to capture the other’s reality, commonly associated with twins. They spend a lot of time together. They live in Miami, in separate houses, but they are only 150 meters apart.

They established themselves as a duo in the field of Latin pop music (with a strong influence of reggaeton, as their latest album sounds) and they have enough charisma to stand on different stages. Next Wednesday they will give a concert at the Movistar Arena, within the framework of Movistar Fri Music. Tickets are already sold out but it can be seen live, online, from the brand’s YouTube channel.

In July and August they will make another tour of the interior of our country.

Since last week they have been recording a new season of La Voz Argentina, where they have already participated as judges. Towards the end of the year they will be seen in the Disney + reality docu based on the history and present of the Montaner family. And they are preparing a new album -the successor to Rifresh- that will have several collaborations. In these days a song will be released, in collaboration with the Mexican Carin León, which will be part of that album.

Life had them entertained in recent months with many family issues. Ricky’s marriage to Stefi Roitman was absolutely mediatic and the news recently broke that Mau will become a father. The eccentric occurrences with which they are already accustomed to the Argentine public, from the television screen, or certain jokes that may appear in their songs, do not end up turning them into freak characters. Because when a journalist’s recorder is turned on, the artistic and familiar logic begins to emerge that obviously has them with their feet firmly planted on the ground.

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