Mau Y Ricky Break The Rules of Urban Pop with New Single “Papás”

Successful duo MAU AND RICKY release their new single, “PAPÁS” just two weeks after they were invited by John Legend to participate in the remix of the hit “Bigger Love.” In the video we can see the two brothers taking us on a journey where the best of the “punk rock” of the nineties meets urban pop through a light and funny comedy.

Days ago, MAU AND RICKY announced “PAPÁS”, the name of their new single, in a very original way in a publication on their Instagram account in which they announced that they were “pregnant”. The surprising publication soon went viral and became a trend in many countries such as Mexico and Argentina.

In the song “PAPÁS”, MAU AND RICKY mix their characteristic urban-pop style with influences from “punk rock” music, achieving a surprising sound, proving once again that they are one of the most innovative artists in the urban music scene, always marking trend. The music video was filmed by the acclaimed director Stillz, who was the creative head behind such groundbreaking videos as “Yo Perreo Sola” by Bad Bunny and others like the recent “Un día” by J.Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny and Tainy. In the recording, RICKY plays the boyfriend who meets his girl’s parents for the first time and MAU the latter’s father and mother, which leads them to have diverse and funny confrontations between them.

The new single “PAPÁS” comes just a few days after having received two nominations for the “Premios Juventud 2020”, where they will have the opportunity to perform it live for the first time this coming August 13. One of the nominations they are competing for is thanks to their presence on social media and their commitment to fans. They currently have more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million followers on Spotify. Her music videos total more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

“PAPÁS” is the first single from MAU Y RICKY’s highly anticipated second studio album after the success sown by their debut album that came out last year. “Para Aventuras y Curiosidades” accumulates more than 4 billion reproductions on digital platforms, achieving double platinum certification in the United States and Mexico. The album includes the multiplatinum hits “La Boca”, “Desconocidos” and “Mi Mala”.

Latin Grammy nominees have become great contributors to Latin music with hits like “Bota Fuego” with Puerto Rican star NICKY JAM, “Recuerdo” by Argentine singer TINI, “Ya Tú Me Conoces” with Mexican pop star THALÍA , which has been a success in Mexico and Central America and many others.

With “PAPÁS”, MAU AND RICKY are marking a new facet in their own careers, pushing the music of the urban genre to unimaginable limits.

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