Mehr Eliezer is a 23 year old singer and model. She was born in New Delhi, India where she lives for her first 4 years before moving to a town in the south of the Philippines named Davao City. She started taking dancing classes in the Philippines and it was where she fell in love with performing. At the age of 6 she moved with her parents to Panama City, Panama. She learnt her fourth language here which was Spanish and dove deeper into sports, dance and the arts. After a traumatic sports accident resulting in surgical intervention of her knee, Mehr decided to strengthen her ambition to become a model, actress and singer. At the age of 21 she became the first immigrant and nationalized woman to win the miss panama pageant and go to miss universe. She competed in the Miss Universe 2019 which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. When she returned to Panama after her pageant Mehr put all of her efforts into her music and is releasing her first single titled “Pecado” which is produced by Johnny Jey B – a very reputed Panamanian producer.

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