Miami went Mayem with Marc Anthony this weekend…

The world icon of salsa Marc Anthony took the stage and offered an unforgettable show to all his fans who eagerly awaited his return to the city of Miami, FL.

This show was part of the singer’s most recent international tour, “Viviendo Tour 2022”, which is currently touring North, Central and South America.

The salsa singer gave himself to his audience from the first moment, thanking him for his support throughout his years of career and how, especially the Latino community, it has allowed him to reach the position he holds within the current Latino music industry.

The flags of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and many other Latin American countries adorned the place, which helped the singer born in New York but of Puerto Rican descent to interact with the public of different nationalities.

Once his band took the stage, a medley of songs by the artist and his most famous collaborations began; such as “Nadie, Como Ella”, “De Vuelta Pa’ La Vuelta”, “I Need to Know”, and “Rain over Me”. On the last song, the stage doors were thrown open, and the most awaited moment of the night arrived.

From the moment Marc Anthony walked on stage, the atmosphere was filled with life, passion and dance. His voice and happy music from him resounded through the stadium, and the audience was not far behind; dancing and singing along with the artist all night songs like “Valió la Pena”, “Y Hayo Alguien”, “Hasta Ayer”, “Flor Pálida”, “Yo Trato”, “Palabras del Alma”, “Contra la Current”, “If You Leave”, “What Price Heaven Has”, “Bad”, and “I Know You Well”.

Marc Anthony made the show even more special by sharing the stage with his musicians, giving them encouragement and space to demonstrate his musical talents with instruments like the electric guitar in “Hasta Ayer”, and the timbales and congas in “Contra la Corriente” “. Even Marc demonstrated his musical range, soloing on drums; that make it clear that Marc’s versatility and humanity are what make him one of the biggest stars in Latin music.

The artist’s iconic songs “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” and “Vivir Mi Vida” closed the concert with a flourish.

The concert was an unforgettable experience for everyone; both for Marc Anthony who left the stage moved by the support and enthusiasm of his fans, and for the audience who enjoyed a magical night full of music, dance and happiness.

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