Music Producer Sergio George Talks About New Project ‘Salsa Giants’


Sergio George, a Grammy-award winning record producer who has worked with stars such as Marc Anthony, has been working on a new project called “Salsa Giants”. The DVD/CD project produced by George is based on the highly acclaimed live performance at the “Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival.” The DVD shows the live footage of the concert and the first single of the CD is called “Para Celebrar“, which includes nine singers on one single track. You can check it out below!

Born and raised by Puerto Rican parents in NYC’s Spanish Harlem, Sergio George has been exposed to many different musical influences throughout his life that have allowed him to become the successful music genius he is today. No one in his family came from music so from hanging out with friends and listening to the Latin music being played at home, he slowly started to develop a passion for it. Being a big fan of soul music, he decided to initially pick up the violin and trumpet and learn on his own. “It just came naturally,” said George in an interview with VOXXI.

I had the chance to interview Sergio about his music and talk about the highly anticipated “Salsa Giants”. Check out the Q&A:

Q&A with Sergio George

Q: Was there a moment when you realized that music was exactly what you wanted to do?

A: Yeah, it happened right after high school. I was up for a scholarship to LIU to go play baseball and my senior year I got hit by a fastball and it broke my wrist, which caused me to lose my scholarship. At the time I was already playing piano and playing with bands, so I decided to give music a shot. That was a very good break in more ways than one.

Q: Having the experience of 25 years of producing albums and 11 Grammys under your belt, do you feel that there is room to grow and keep learning?

A: Oh yeah, I have a long way to go. I’m still learning as I go. I am surrounded by young, talented people, producers and songwriters. The music keeps changing and evolving. Your goals always change. You never stop growing and wanting to achieve, so yeah there’s still a long way to go.

marc anthony

Marc Anthony in the studios with Sergio George putting final touches. (Twitter/@sergiogeorge)

Q: I know you were a big part of Marc Anthony’s new album that includes the already big hit ‘Vivir Mi Vida’, how was that whole process?

A: I started working with Marc back in 1992 for his first salsa album, so on and off we’ve been working together for 20 years. It’s very easy to work with him because we really understand where we’re at. We’re both from the projects in NYC, maybe blocks away from each other. I am a little older than him but we have very similar music influences. When we’re working together I understand where he’s coming from, what he’s looking to do and he knows what I can do. He’s very smart when it comes to making music. He really analyzes why things are the way they are and I take an approach similar to that and it challenges me because it’s like working with a counterpart who pushes me. We don’t take a long time to make a record. We’ve done eight tracks in like six days of work. We just bang it out and its really high quality stuff, its not rushed. It’s a great experience.

Q: Tell me a bit about your latest project “Salsa Giants”.

A: It comes out June 25 and it’s a concept I’ve been looking to do for a very long time. It’s a DVD/CD that’s coming out with the DVD being the live recording from the “Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival.” It’s a one hour and 15 minute documentary that we made out of behind-the-scenes footage. The CD is being promoted by a single track called “Para Celebrar”. There are about nine or 10 singers on this single track, which is rare and hard to pull off but it sounds great.

Listen to ‘Para Celebrar‘ here!

Take a look at a sneak peek of ‘Salsa Giants’:



–Courtesy of Voxxi

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