Musical premieres of the week: J Balvin launches “Niño soñador”, Christian Nodal surprises with “Ya no somos ni seremos” and Sin Bandera premieres “Dime que si”

This week in our music premieres, J Balvin released “Niño Soñador, a kind of open letter to his followers. Also, we have Christian Nodal’s spiteful ranchera, Sin Bandera’s romantic ballad.

I begin the musical premieres of the week with J Balvin, who presented “Niño Soñador“. The Medellin interpreter said through a statement that the song is an open letter to his followers.

Musically, the song reminds J Balvin of the beginning, the rock fanatic, with rhythms that are far from his usual dembow.

Also, the singer talks about his depression and how everything he has achieved, fame, luxuries, jewelry, does not really give him happiness and makes special mention of his mother, who, according to J Balvin on his Instagram account, She is hospitalized in intensive care due to covid-19.

Christian Nodal comes to my list with his first song “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos” as a Sony Music artist. It is about “We are not and we will not be”, a ranchera of spite that he makes known days after confirming his separation from the Mexican singer and actress, Belinda.

The theme was composed with Nodal together with Édgar Barrera.

It is worth noting that the ranchera has already slipped into the top 50 global most played songs, occupying position number 25 this Sunday. The video clip is also the sixth most played video on YouTube this Sunday.

And from a story that ends, we move on to one that could start. The Latin American romantic duo Sin Bandera arrives for the first time on our list of musical premieres with “Dime Que Si“, a ballad written for the moment when one person proposes to another.

Noel Schajris and Leonel García explained in a video shared by Sony Music that in their presentations they had always witnessed proposals for their songs, but they did not have a specific one for that special moment.

“Our music has had the honor of being part of the lives of thousands of people who use it to get married. It is something that fills us with pride and happiness, because it allows us to accompany them, in those transcendental and important moments that require a lot of courage. Schajris said.

“The moment when we ask someone to live the rest of their life with us is one of the strongest and most exciting experiences we can have,” the singers added.

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