After the successful album “Vuelve”, the Cuban singer-songwriter Nardiel, returns to the scene with his latest single titled “Mágico Momento” to delight all fans of the tropical music.

Next August 28, Nardiel prepares for the launch of his new song “Mágico Momento”, a musical production that has the supervision of the music producer Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil, winner of several Grammys and Latin Grammys.

His new single runs with the inspiration of Nardiel Ramos in co-authorship with the composer Colombian Yorman Matta, making a combination of tropical genre and urban genre, thus obtaining an excellent story that recounts experiences of a love relationship, where stars in flirtation and passion, these being the main elements of a relationship not reciprocated by one of the parties.

With his new musical “Mágico Momento”, the Cuban singer-songwriter is very excited of being able to share this scene in his career with one of the most
recognized in the middle, Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil, being one of his many dreams compliments.

“The mere fact that Mayito has taken the trouble to listen and then work together in my theme, I feel that I live in a dream that I do not want to wake up, since being in the same studio where Marc Anthony, Aymee Nuviola and Prince Royce recorded makes my career and my hopes take the right direction, “said the singer.

This young man has been trained in music from an early age and has lived a variety of experiences that have defined his musical career. Nardiel is characterized in the tropical genre for bringing a fresh, romantic line and a relaxing sound that combines very well with his personality and image, which allows many people to feel identified by listening to it.

Within his short career, Nardiel has collaborated in many events, such as the 8th Street Carnival, at the “Miami Beach Pride” with artists like Brenda K Starr, Tito Puente Jr, among others. Also, he has collaborated with many organizations such as La Window of the Skies whose host is the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner. Nardiel Ramos is now preparing his new musical production which it will be part of their next album in 2021.

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