Natti Natasha Becomes Spokesperson for Hispanic Heritage Foundation CSL en Español Effort

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Infosys Foundation USA today announced that dominant female Latin recording artist Natti Natasha will serve as the spokesperson for the CSL (Code as a Second Language) en Español program. The national initiative will introduce computer science to English Language Learners (ELLs) through one of the first Spanish-language, coding options in the nation.

“I am inspired in every way by my Latino heritage,” said the Award-Winning Natti Natasha. “It is in my music, it is in my soul, it is in every part of my life. I also understand my responsibility to our community, especially to youth. More than half of all jobs in the United States require technical skills, but most students don’t have access to computer science education. That is why I am working with the Code as a Second Language program to make sure Latinos and other underrepresented youth learn to code.”

Currently, 3.8 million K-12 students in the U.S. are classified as ELLs with Spanish as their primary language. Currently, in the national dialogue around Computer Science (CS), ELLs are left out of the conversation because Spanish-language options don’t really exist. CSL en Español will support the development and delivery of a Spanish-language coding instruction option for K-5 children. The program is structured as a guided, grade-specific, self-paced learning with interactive assignments that do not require prior background in computer programming. Elementary school teachers will be provided with professional development to easily integrate CSL en Español into their teaching plans

“We are thrilled that the amazing Natti Natasha will serve as the spokesperson for our the CSL en Español program,” said Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of HHF. “As a global star and public figure, Natti is using her position to impact Latino youth who have tremendous potential but need resources in Spanish to help them advance in their education and careers. The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Infosys Foundation USA are proud to have Natti as a powerful voice on the importance providing access to computer science education in Spanish.”

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