For a couple of weeks, Don Omar gave an interview to “El Chombo”, through which he spoke about various topics, including the cancellation of “Kingdom”, a concert tour that had been planned in the company of Daddy Yankee and that generated great expectation in 2015, when it was announced, considering that both singers have never had a good personal relationship.

In this talk, “El Rey” exposed that the businessman Raphy Pina was in charge of carrying out the entire organization of the tour, but he also pointed out that he was allied with “The Big Boss” to sabotage his presentations and, at the same time, his image. and career.

“I’m going to live proud for the rest of my days for letting people know who you really are (…) That we couldn’t work, that they wanted to wipe their asses with me. And I told them: ‘the day is going to come when you are going to have to listen to my part,’ that is why I invite you to, if what I am telling you is not true, take out the evidence”, asserted William Omar Landrón (name of stack).

These statements caused the immediate reaction of Pina, who today is being held in a prison in the United States, from where he recorded a video to deny the version given by Don Omar about the failure of “Kingdom”.

According to him, this interview was a strategy of the interpreter of ‘Dile’ and ‘Taboo’ to “overshadow the success” that Daddy Yankee has had with his farewell tour, called ‘Legendaddy’.

“You say you know me, but no more than I know you. I knew that, as is your modus operandi inside your mind, you were going to wait for the ‘perfect’ moment to, with bad intentions, distract the resounding and worthy success that surrounds Yankee in his retirement; and that since his ‘accomplice’ is behind bars, he could not speak or defend himself against the fanciful accusations that you just distributed, ”said the owner of the Pina Records company.

It was through an interview that the Dominican artist fondly remembered her colleague, who launched her to fame with the song “Dutty Love” that they did together in 2012, and put aside the fight that he has with the father of his only daughter, for which many described her as ‘impartial’.

Don was the first artist who believed in my talent and he was the one who gave me a chance in New York. He came to a studio and I was with Lincoln, a Dominican producer with whom I worked in the Dominican Republic, recording songs in English —it wasn’t reggaeton or anything like that—, so I remember that when he got there they introduced us and all that. I started doing small voices for songs by their artists, willing to do things and work, even if they didn’t pay me “, he concluded in his talk with the program” I don’t know anything “.

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