Behind The Man Behind The Camera – Jack Nine Films

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Behind The Man Behind The Camera – Jack Nine Films

Written by Cesar Ramirez, MBA


It is refreshing and in my experience rare to meet a young professional with the ideals and integrity of Joshua Ramirez and in spite of life’s challenges he has conquered adversity. Joshua’s career in film found him when an unfortunate situation that caused him to be a casualty of a tough economy at a time when things were not kind to the banking industry.  As a displaced worker of a financial institution who was forced to downsize its workforce Joshua, a husband and a father had to find a way to make ends meet.  With his Bronx hustle Joshua persevered and work odd jobs until something better came along. One day with an old video camera and nothing to do he and his friend who likes to rap started goofing around and began recording a music video for fun and on that day a seed was planted and matured into a promising career. Going strong for now for 7 years Joshua converted his talent to a sustainable business and created a world class company called Jack Nine Films. 


Joshua Ramirez was born in the Bronx, NY but made his mark in Lehigh Valley, PA. Jack Nine Films is a world renowned visual art company that provides services as a film director and film consulting with a catalog of over 650 music videos, not bad from a guy who just started fooling around with an old video camera 7 years ago.  Jack Nine Films brings first class experience in the entertainment industry from a film perspective but Joshua Ramirez the man behind the camera who comes from humble beginnings worked his way in to the industry with his charismatic personality, his determination and unwavering will to succeed which created opportunities that catapult Jack Nine Films into a globally recognized company.  Clearly a talent in the music industry as a visual artist Joshua remained a sponged of knowledge in the entertainment business and learned all that is needed to be a respectable player in the industry so much so that his intellect and business savvy was recognized and brought on to the scene in a new and challenging capacity as a manager of Pinto who is a prominent artist and winner of the highly acclaimed TV reality Show the Sing Off, who by the way is one of Daddy Yankee’s crown jewel in his Cartel Records portfolio. When I asked Pinto what makes Joshua special as a Manager he didn’t hesitate to mention his intelligence but couldn’t over emphasize enough his integrity. Pinto stated “in the music game it’s hard to find someone as honest as Josh, almost impossible, he looks out for me and I never have to worry.”


Along with Daddy Yankees Artist and Pinto, Jack Nine Films has worked with well-known artists such as, Merk Montes, Nengo Flow, De La Ghetto, Alex Kyza, Messiah, J Alvarez, Jory, Carlitos Rossy, Jadakiss, Red Foxx and hundreds of other international artists. He has directed several number 1 videos in South America and the Caribbean, helping these songs reach top of the charts in their respected genres. With this has come recognition, Joshua is a proud member of the Grammy Association and has claimed the 2013 Lehigh Valley Latin Business Man of the Year award as well as the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Lehigh Valley Music Award for his work and representation of the Lehigh Valley community world-wide. His goal is to continue to expand and globalize his brand to an elite level in the entertainment industry and Jack Nine Films is certainly on its way there.


Jack Nine Films’ new adventure will start this summer as Joshua will become a permanent resident and moving Jack Nine Films to Orlando Florida, which by many is now being considered the center of music sales in the Latino urban music genre.


To write this article I had the privilege of spending time with Joshua as his guest while he worked on a video shoot with J Alvarez, Carlito Rossi & Jory Boy. The person I thought I was going to interview was just another entrepreneur a business man but at the conclusion I realized I just interviewed a family man that understood the struggle of getting your dream started, remaining committed to his goal and is committed to helping others to achieve their dream by openly sharing his story, experience and his philosophy of paying it forward and karma. What I found was not only a professional in his business, but a master of his craft and man of integrity and spirituality. A true class acts as a person and professional.  


If you are an artist looking for a quality video or a business man looking for a visual representation of your business or a family looking to capture the moment of a special occasion, look no further as Jack Nine Films will provide you the quality you need and deserve. For more information on his services Call 813-408-4548. You can also follow him Twitter and Instagram @jackninefilms and view his videos on YouTube by searching Jack Nine Films (





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