What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the words “Never sober“… Intoxication? Under the influence? Well, you’re not wrong for assuming these are the features that represent Never Sober, as our movement acknowledges and promotes the mindset of being high off life. That’s correct. We are under the influence of life, allowing life itself to be our drug and source of energy and courage to battle every single day. It’s not hard to tell that life at times can be very difficult to handle, and as humans, we tend to seek alternatives to help us deal with these difficulties–but the reality is that life should be at the top of your list.

But why life? Well, we believe the fact that we are alive is more than enough reason for us to change our situations, emotions and behavior; everything else should come second. This message is vital to us because we believe many people are alive but not truly living to their fullest ability. Being Never Sober doesn’t necessarily mean you’re intoxicated but rather enjoying life, doing what you always wanted to without needing any substance (even though we don’t discriminate against those that do). This message is illustrated throughout our events and our podcast but in particular our clothing.

Our clothing brand has been spotted consistently throughout New York and New Jersey but has also found its way to states like Florida, California, Ohio, and more. Aside from its great message, our support is truly amazing, with over 200 registered online members and a team full of talented individuals. It’s not hard to tell the ‘high off life’ movement its motivating the youth. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t see or acknowledge somebody wearing our brand, but surprisingly we are not surprised as we’re ‘high off life’ daily and our clothing pieces are just physical reminders of that.

Meezy Martinez
Founder of The High Off Life Movement,
Clothing | Branding | Marketing | Entrepreneurship | Merch Distribution

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