Noreh New Single “Crush” and Music Video

The illusion, idealization and artistic fantasy now have a unique name and style and his name is Noreh, the international artist of Universal Music Group / AfterCluv, who sings a song for the “Crush”, popular characters who in the last year have been popularized on social media.


The single “Crush” is available on all digital platforms for its thousands of fans, in a historical moment, where the population demands joy in the midst of the pandemic.

The song of the Venezuelan is based on the story of a person who has the opportunity to meet and share with her “Crush” virtually, until they feel mutually attracted.

“Not all the songs I do are personal. In this case, ‘Crush’ is something that many people are experiencing, and therein lies the power of composers to show situations. Not only what we live, but also what happens to them. to other people and to walk through different emotions to be able to express different things in each song, “Noreh commented on her fourth promo track.

The production of her audiovisual was recorded in the city of Caracas under the direction of Lucas Brito “El Primo”.

To conclude this difficult year in the music industry with a flourish, Noreh is preparing an EP that will have seven songs with surprises for all those people who are supporting him in his career. “It can be heard in 30 to 40 minutes so that they enjoy it, talk about it and have a song left,” he said.

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