Now&Laterz Latin Music Producer Q&A/Interview


Q: Who has been your favorite artist to work with?
A: Fuego is one of the guys I have seen come up from scratch and we both grew together me as a producer and him as an artist. So that journey has been very dear to me, but every artist that I’ve worked with gave me the experience I have today.

Q: What motivates you to be so unique and different with your music?
A: I like to listen to other genres of music from all over the world to seek inspiration plus music of the past and fuse it with my own. The goal at the end of each song is to progress the genre I’m working with. We need to step away from the same sounds and bring everything we do to the next level.

Q: What do you do on your time off?
A: I like to surf the net and research what’s next what’s going on learn new things. I barely
watch any TV. I go to the movies. Spend time with my family and loved ones. I’m a simple person.

Q: What artist do you look up to know for inspiration?
A: Right now I really like what Pitbull’s doing as far as the direction of his music its very international that’s definitely the feel I’m going for.

Q: Did you see yourself becoming such an important person in this business?
A: It was a matter of time for me and I’m one of the most patient people around. I had to work on my craft and work on myself as a business person and really grow and understand what I needed to do next. Even when I thought I was ready when I really wasn’t. You have to be able to recognize your weak and strong areas and work from there.

Q: When you’re driving in your car do you listen to your own work just for fun?
A: I have to constantly because I have a certain standard for the way my music is supposed to sound to me. Playing your own music is an awesome feeling. It’s even a better feeling when someone else is playing your music in their car! That’s just incomparable.

Q: What are new things can we expect from Now&Laterz? 
A: I’m dropping a mixtape with Fuego titled “Los Mejores Del Mundo” which is just me and Fuego on there all of our remixes including our smash hits “Una Vaina Loca” & “Sikaria” with a few featured guests.
I have a remix EP coming out which will feature some hit remixes that are already out and some brand new ones. It will be featuring Vakero, Dynasty, Mozart La Para, Carlos y Alejandra and a few more surprise features.
I’m also working on a full length compilation which will feature some the best new talent in the genre of Urban Latin. That will be titled “Los Internacionalez” which is also the name of our label.

Q: What advice do you have for people that want to be as successful as yourself?
A: There is so much information on the internet now a days to educate yourself on the current state of the music business. You should really learn about publishing. Like Pit says music industry is 90% business and 10% talent. Relations are key make sure you get everyones contacts along the way. Work on your craft and compare yourself with the best guys out there and try to do it differently if not better. Experience will be your best teacher at the end of the day. Never give up and always follow your heart.

Q: What do you like best Hip Hop or Hip Hop Latino?
A: I’m going to have to say American Hip Hop because its always a step ahead of Latins when it comes to production and flows. I really think there’s only a few guys who are really doing anything different when it comes to Latin Hip Hop. There’s a lot of room for progression right now. Latin Hip Hop is not getting the same respect as commercialized Latin music on radio or tv. So I’m anxious to see who will be the ones to take it to that next level.

Q: Where did the name Now&Laterz come from?
A: I basically came up with the name in the early 2000’s. It has nothing to do with the candy its more of a present and future type of reference.

Q: What do you like best about
A: First of all I wanna thank for showing me some love and for the opportunity to express myself. The website covers all grounds in Latin entertainment so that anyone Latin or not can know what’s going on with our culture. Recognizing rising stars and tomorrows figures today. Exclusive interviews giving readers great insight. Keep up the good work guys!

Q: Una Vaina Loca is a world hit song how do you feel about that?
A: I feel very blessed it took us both by surprise. It was an idea I wanted Fuego to try. What was intended as our own version of another song, became a mega anthem. It was great to finally have a #1 record in several countries at the same time. I’m thankful everyday. It has been opening so many new doors for me.

Q: Can you tell us more about Los Internacionalez?
A: Los Internacionalez is the collaboration of myself Benjamin Vargas (Producer/Engineer/Composer) & my partner Marvin Marty (A&R/Entrepreneur/Executive Producer) to form this new label/ global movement. We intend to be the next big establishment in Latin music and beyond.

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