NYPD Embroiled In Controversy Following Untranslated Crime Report; Why?


Tragedy struck one family in Queens, N.Y. earlier this year and the NYPD could have done more to prevent the murders. In Jan. 18, Deisy Garcia was fatally stabbed by her husband, who then went on to murder their two daughters as well. Yet, she had made others aware of her fears and the danger she and her daughters were in.

Garcia had filed various domestic abuse reports at her local police precinct against her husband, Miguel Mejia-Ramos, according to CNN. The NYPD has forms in both English and Spanish. An immigrant from Guatemala, Garcia opted to fill out the form in her native Spanish yet none of her reports were translated to English until it was too late.

According to the New York Post, authorities say Mejia-Ramos returned home the night of Jan. 18 drunk and looked through his wife’s cell phone and Facebook profile where he saw pictures of her with another man. He grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed Garcia to death. He then killed their daughters, Daniela, 2, and Yoselin, 1, when he realized he could not escape with them because he did not have car seats for them. Mejia-Ramos, a Mexican citizen, was caught in Texas trying to cross the border, according to authorities.

The police cannot explain why the reports were not translated, according to CNN. “I knew about the police report, and I knew about the police showing up at the house previously on one of the times where Deisy had called the police because she had been the victim of domestic violence,” Roger Asmar, an attorney hired by Garcia’s family, told CNN. “But we did not know that every time Deisy filled out a report — every time she went to the precinct or the cops came to the house — no one actually translated the text into English, so, apparently no one looked into it.”

Mejia-Ramos faces first-degree and second-degree murder counts as well as a count of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. If convicted, he faces life in prison without parole.

–Courtesy of Latin Post

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