Omega el Fuerte


Omega el Fuerte is a modern Merengue group, often categorized as “mambo”, based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since 2007 singer Omega has enjoyed increased popularity in theDominican Republic and in the Dominican-American communities in the United States. Omega has also enjoyed a lot of popularity in Spain and lately has spread to the rest of Latin American. Omega El Fuerte has become one of the leaders in the urban merengue scene eclipsing earlier acts like Julian y Oro Duro, Tulile,Nelson De La Oya and Moreno Negron and other groups part of the genre.

Omega has been credited for the release of many popular songs including his first mainstream hit “Alante Alante” in 2007. His Single Chambonea became his icon song increasing his popularity, Lately, he released his last single “Tu si Quieres” for who he released a music video and enjoyed over four million views in the popular video sharing site Youtube. Omega is known to be prohibited entrance to the United States as he has had previous legal issues with U.S authorities but has toured in Spain and other European countries were his music is well known.

Omega el Fuerte has been the catalyst of the new wave of Dominican artists that have internationalized the Mambo genre, to many known as a urban-styled modern merengue, together with lesser popular artist like Julian Y Oro Duro, Sr., Jucafry, Tito Swing, El Sujeto, Juliana, Rita Indiana and many others. Omega made an unexpected appearance in the Latin Grammys, surprising everyone that was there.

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