Ozuna returns to the world of music with his new hit “La Copa”

Ozuna recently shone with the release of his new hit “La Copa.” This new single from the multi-award winning Puerto Rican singer-songwriter promises to become another international hit with its playful lyrics and energetic rhythmic style, which make it perfect to light up any party or celebration.

In “La Copa”, the singer-songwriter jokingly recounts the events that a young man goes through who, after having a few drinks, the effects of alcohol make him lose inhibitions in front of the girl with whom he is sharing at that moment. “La Copa” was written by Ozuna, and features the collaboration of songwriters and producers iZaak, Edgar Barrera, Slow Mike, BCA, Hi-Flow, and Dímelo Flow.

Ozuna took advantage of his summer tour in Europe to stop in the city of Madrid and film the video for “La Copa”. The narrative of the music video is in perfect harmony with the theme of the song, capturing the artist in a day of fun and partying in various emblematic points of the city.

Throughout the tour, Ozuna enjoys the interaction and affection of the hundreds of fans who accompanied him throughout the day, which begins early in the morning in the Central district of Madrid, visiting the Plaza Mayor and the Mercado de San Miguel, and then moving to the traditional Battle of Naval de Vallecas, and the E.F. Villa of Madrid. Finally, his pleasant journey culminates in an atmosphere of celebration and hubbub at La Negra Tomasa restaurant.

On the other hand, the international icon of reggaeton and trap in Spanish is also part of the official soundtrack of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with “Arhbo”, a single that he recently released in collaboration with the Congolese-French rapper and singer Gims.

Ozuna, one of the most listened to Latin artists worldwide today, presented his new concert tour during the month of July before massive audiences in several European cities. Upon his return to the US, he performed at ABC’s “Good Morning America” Summer Concert Series in Central Park, New York.

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