Pablo Alborán and María Becerra teamed up to sing “Amigos”

Pablo Alborán and María Becerra finally shared the new song they had between brothers: “Friends”. It is a celebration a la friendship through a combination of flamenco with urban rhythms.

A few days ago, a video was uploaded to networks in which they adelantaron that soon a theme was coming together and they explained the theme. “La canción is about unfriendly friends, I would say yo”, says Becerra.

Luego, Alborán analyzed: “Among friends, you don’t know what can pass and what passes, falls among friends”. And, between laughs, with the complicity of her companion, Becerra added: “It is important that we celebrate friendship in all its forms”, concluded María Becerra, between laughs while beside her Alborán coincided.

A few hours ago, it was time to get to know this new collaboration that Alborán shared on his YouTube channel along with a colorful videoclip. Quickly, it placed itself within the trends of the moment of the platform and until now it accumulates more than 900 thousand views.

The story takes place in a shop where you see Pablo getting ready for a trip and approach his neighborhood to say goodbye to him. At that moment, Maria appears who is happy to see him.

“I can see life in color, the whole barrio looks at us drinking the hours as if it was liquor. Te doy la mano and we run. Within a mouse we returned, that nadie llame that we did not respond”, sing together mientras bailan y se divierten en el video.

“Thanks for making me part of this great song”, wrote Becerra after sharing the news on her Instagram stories.

Manuel Turizo presented his new version “Éxtasis”, with the participation of María Becerra. “La baby from Argentina” I put my particular style on this romantic theme that shows how a relationship is built despite any situation, thanks to a pure and sincere love that has to see with the name of the song.

“I feel very happy to see what I am achieving with my music, this is a very beautiful theme, full of love like everything I do for my fanatics and I hope to continue surprising them with more songs and more of what I love to do that is music ” expressed the artist.

The Argentine artist also joined the Dominican Natti Natasha in an explosive collaboration. “I could define ‘Lokita’ as an inclusive song for what is the freedom of expression for both men and women. Es muy juguetona”, expressed Natti in an interview with La Viola.

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