Pablo Alborán continues with his theater tour and has just announced new dates in the United States. This confirms the scope that his music is having and the relevance that he has achieved within the industry. In addition to the tour, the man from Malaga has shared through Twitter that he is about to release a new single, which has unleashed the public’s madness.

A few days ago we learned that he was “taking a break” to get into the recording studio and compose new music. “Hehehehe next single… Surprise… You don’t expect anything and I love that”, were the words that the composer has posted on his social networks.

We must remember that Pablo Alborán has already explained that he is “playing with his own limits” and that inspiration comes at any moment. That is why we could see how he worked on his next song in his pajamas at night: “recording in pajamas”.

We already have the confirmation that everyone was waiting for and that is that this single is going to come out sooner or later, despite the fact that we still don’t have a date and name. Who knows what the man from Malaga has prepared. It may be new rhythms, different genres or collaborations that we do not expect.

“It’s brutal, what a piece of single!”

The only thing we are sure of is that it will be another hit with the Alborán signature. It was the response of his manager when he heard the song that confirmed it for us. “This is my manager’s reaction when listening to my new single”, were the words of the man from Malaga at the beginning of the video.

“But this is the p… Pablo, it’s the p… What a piece of single, what a piece of single”, we can hear his representative in the WhatsApp audio. You can appreciate the joy with which he sends that message to the singer.

In addition to this, he has just surprised us by posting a video in which you can listen to 5 seconds of this new song. And something is clear, those sounds are completely different from what we are used to hearing from Malaga.

After knowing this, we only need to enjoy what Pablo Alborán is going to give us. They could not miss the reactions of the fans, who wanted to leave their comments and show how eager you are to release this new success that was so well kept.

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