Pablo Alborán takes ‘Carretera y manta’ and releases new single.

He promised us something new that was going to surprise everyone and so it has been. It is clear that Pablo Alborán knows very well how to keep alive that flame of admiration and absolute love that we feel for his music. Once again, the artist has managed to be our refuge with his new song. It’s called “Carretera y Manta” and it’s the cover letter for his next album, in which he explores new sounds.
What a good vibe for this summer, wanting to break with the routine and intending to do some other getaway that allows us to give ourselves a break.

It is exactly what Pablo Alborán transmits to us with his new song that, with courage as a flag and without looking back, he sits in the car and takes “Carretera y Manta”. Her fate of him? The main national and international hit lists.

It is clear that the songs of Pablo Alborán are faithful life companions, those that we play so many times when we go on a trip.

“Carretera y Manta” is a pill of talent and magic that will be included in his next album, where he will surprise us with new sounds that we are not used to at all.

The 33-year-old artist is sharing surprises with us in the form of musical advances, and to start Friday with a lot of energy, we can now listen to his new work “Carretera y Manta.”



As soon as “Carretera y Manta” saw the light, the interpreter of Prometo thanked through social networks for all the love and support he had received from his team. “It is very important to be well surrounded and with renewed illusions. We are going for everything, without looking back, because the brave do not wait”.

But for bravery, yours. With “Carretera y Manta”, the artist goes a step further and leaves his comfort zone, offering the listener new and different airs, rhythms and sounds. Of course, feeling freer than ever and without taking a step back, but without losing the essence of that inveterate romantic that he keeps inside him and that he has never hidden.

And what does it mean to take “Carretera y Manta”? Well, risk taking new adventures, without direction and aimlessly, but with the certainty that the best is yet to come and that you may find it when you least expect it. An authentic Carpe Diem or Vive el presente in which Alborán is now a participant.

Full of success and proud of the new direction his artistic career is taking, the man from Malaga has been especially grateful to his legion of “Alboranists”, as he often says. They are his unconditional supporters, his second family, those people who accompany him on each and every one of the paths he takes.

“And of course, thanks to my family, my fans, followers, legion… The refuge of my songs. THANK YOU for continuing to motivate me and move me with your stories. I am yours. We continue,” the singer said on Twitter. .

As soon as the song was released, his followers have flooded social networks. Messages of thanks and admiration were intertwined with those who applauded the b-side that the man from Malaga has shown publicly. “I love this new air that you bring; fresh, fun and as always your voice gives it quality”

But this has just begun and it is only the beginning of Pablo’s new music, which at the beginning of the year, gave us goosebumps with Castillos de arena and later told us about his collaboration with Sebastián Yatra.

At the moment, we already have the new song from Malaga in our hands, and what a long wait it has been!

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