Prince Royce and Pepsi Announce Partnership


This is Prince Royce celebrates his new partnership with world famous Pepsi. This week in Miami Pepsi and Prince Royce announced there new partnership with the Bachata Superstar. Royce who is now 24 years old says that this is one of the happiest days in his life and is ready to take this adventure to the next level and feels that Pepsi will help boost his thriving portfolio. “Growing up in New York in Times Square I would see all these huge Pepsi logos,” said Royce, during a small reception at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. “I never imagined being part of this and now working with Pepsi, doing commercials and planning for the future is very exciting. They are so cool and creative. Pepsi is about creativity, supporting our culture, supporting our language and supporting music.” Royce also goes on talking about how Pepsi has been involved in many major events in the USA such as the Latin Billboards, the Superbowl, and the Grammys.”Pepsi sends out the message that anything is possible—the Pepsi slogan is ‘Reach for more.’ I do that every day,” Royce says. “I try to be better every time, try to stay on the charts longer.” Now with Prince Royce patterning up with Pepsi his is the 2nd Latin Dominican Artist to be backed by a super brand next to Romeo Santos who this year partnered with Dr.Pepper. Stay tuned for more in these new partnerships only on

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