Prince Royce

Prince Royce

Q: Being one of the top artist so early in the game how do you feel?
A: I’m very thankful to everyone that supports me and my music. I think it is very difficult coming out as an artist that no body knows, and be able to be accepted the way I’ve been accepted by the public, it feels great, I have been blessed by the love of the fans and this is why my career has been progressing this fast.

Q: What do you like to do on your time off?
A: I like doing regular stuff on my time off like play video games, watch baseball games, and hang out with my friends and family.

Q: As an artist yourself that has met many different artist which is your favorite out of all?
A: I’ve always looked up to artists like usher, michael jackson, luis miguel, aventura, mark anthony, and zacarias ferreira. out of all the artists I’ve met I think zacarias and daddy yankee have been super cool to be able to meet and hang out with.

Q: Which artist do you keep in touch with on a personal basis?
A: I’ve met a hand full of artist but none that I talk to really close on a personal level right now.

Q: How did you get your jump start into being a Prince Royce?
A: It all began when my manager andre hidalgo introduced me to producer sergio george who’s produced salsa records for people like mark anthony and celia cruz. Sergio signed me to his record label top stop music and everything kicked off from there.

Q: Have you ever thought of doing a collaboration with another artist for a hit single?
A: I have thought about it, but I did not want a collaboration on my first album. I wanted people to see what I had to bring to the table on my own.

Q: If you never became Prince Royce what would you be doing today?
A: I would probably still be studying to become an english teacher. Even though my career has kicked off on the right foot. I want to go back in to college some time soon.

Q: We know that you sing bachata and work hard to make things happen in the latin music world but you were raised in Ny and that is also the home of hip hop and rap is there a possibility of seeing a hip hop or maybe even R&B Royce?
A: I’m more of an R&B and Pop guy, in my bachata record the last 3 tracks in the album are not bachata. They are pop, and a dance hall. One called Rock the Pants and, crazy.

Q: Being a successful artist what advice do you have for people that want to be as successful as yourself?
A: Good advice is to always be responsible, and be on time to everything.

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