‘Quatro’ and The Celebration of Tito Puente’s Impact on Latin Music


This coming April 20, Tito Puente would have celebrated his 90th birthday. To commemorate this special date, Sony Music Latin has recently released its first ever archival box set collection honoring the legacy of one of the greatest Latin music artists of all time. The name of this exciting release is Quatro: The Definitive Collection, a beautifully designed, high-quality set that will help you to understand the impact Tito Puente had on Latin music.

Quatro: The Definitive Collection features four of the most essential albums recorded by Tito Puente during his prolific career includingCuban CarnivalNight BeatDance Mania and Revolving Bandstand. Besides these classic works, which Tito Puente produced during the years he worked for RCA Records, the collection includes a fifth CD featuring Tito Puente’s best-selling hit “Ran Kan Kan.”

These albums laid out the foundations of Tito Puente’s music, which was nurtured by a huge spectrum of beats and arrangements from Afro-Cuban traditions such as Mambo and Cha-Cha, and American music like Jazz and the Big Band movement. Furthermore, this collection will help you to understand Tito Puente’s impact on genres like Latin Jazz and Salsa music.

Apart from the music, Quatro: The Definitive Collection features a booklet with exclusive photos, memorabilia and a compelling story that gives you a good idea of Tito Puente as the visionary and always innovative artist he was. If you are just getting into Latin music, this collection will provide you a fantastic set of melodies and a good understanding of one of the most exciting times in Latin music history.

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