Romeo Santos is the King of YouTueb with the Most Total Views

It’s hard to ignore the power of bachata, especially when it’s presented in sheer numbers. The latest YouTube music artist insights data shows the genre’s undisputed king, Romeo Santos, far outpaces many mainstream artists in terms of total views.

With over 4 billion total views (4,351,032,074, to be exact) Santos towers overTaylor Swift (over 3.7 billion), Beyoncé (over 2 billion), Katy Perry (over 2.6 billion),Shakira (over 1.2 billion), and other mainstream pop artists.

YouTube based its total views on both official and fan-uploaded videos from September 2014 to June 30, 2015. Only videos claimed using “Content ID” get counted. The latter is a system used by copyright owners to identify and manage their content on YouTube. When a fan, for instance, uploads content matching a work an artist owns, the copyright owner gets to decide what happens to that video; options include blocking the video, monetizing on its views by running ads against it, and tracking the video’s viewership stats. Only copyright owners who own exclusive rights to a substantial body of original material that is frequently uploaded by the YouTube user community get a Content ID.

The latest YouTube data also shows where Santos’ fanbase views are coming from. Colombia is No. 1, with over 700 million views, followed by Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and the U.S.

But Santos’ rule is equally impressive in his home state of New York, where, according to the Wall Street Journal’s recent Musical Map of New York City study, which used data from e-jukebox vendor TouchTunes, the Dominican American heartthrob is the most popular artist in over 50 city neighborhoods.

Recently, Santos also made history on Hot Latin Songs with his smash “Propuesta Indecente,” the first-ever song to reach the 100th week mark on the chart.

What will he do next?

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