Romeo Santos Release New Bachata Album “Utopia”

What started off as an April Fools Joke might now be the great project ever released by Romeo Santos. This morning at 12AM Romeo released his Utopia album with as what Romeo described to be a perfect world, a place at peace. Let me tell you it can not get any more perfect than this. With over 10 features from the best Bachateros from the Dominican Republic, Romeo has once again proved to the world why he is the King of Bachata. We are talking about something never done by a Bachata artist, this is a man who allowed other artist to be featured on a full production. El Chaval, Frank Reyes, Raulin Rodriguez, Elvis Martinez, Kiko Rodriguez, Joe Veras, Luis Vargas, Anthony Santos, Teodoro Reyes, and Monchy y Alexandra. This man was able to bring back Monchy y Alexandra a duo who hasn’t worked together since they broke up back in 2008. Then you have Aventura and the song that brings everything Full Circle, “Inmortal”. Brining back what many my say is the greatest Bachata group known to the world. Aventura has not released any music since 2009’s “The Last” Album and then came their breakup in 2011. I am sure many are hopeful with everything Romeo has done with Utopia but you have to ask was this done just to create a perfect world for Utopia or is this a new direction Bachata is heading towards, working together to help expand Bachata and make it more commercial to the world. 

Utopia Tracklist

  • Intro
  • Canalla
  • Payasos
  • La Demanda
  • Millonario
  • El Beso Que No Le Di
  • Ileso
  • Amor Enterrado
  • Me Quedo
  • Los Últimos
  • Años Lus
  • Bells
  • Inmortal 
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