Romeo Santos wrote a song to his privates that he sings with Julio Iglesias???? Um!!!

Puerto Rican singer Romeo Santos has told Pablo Motos on El Hormiguero why he wrote a song to his penis and what Julio Iglesias’s reaction was when he found out.

Romeo Santos is characterized by making very sensual songs that often allude to sexual encounters in a poetic way, as in his famous indecent proposal song. What you may not have known is that the Puerto Rican dedicated a song to his “privates”.

It has been in El Hormiguero where the singer has confirmed it after Pablo Motos complimented the singer: “I admire you a lot because you have made a song for the ‘privates’”, he commented, followed by laughter from Santos.

“How did the idea come about? Were you relieving yourself?” Asked the presenter, to which Romeo has been clear: “I am always looking for ways to surprise, and something told me that talking about the ‘privates’ would connect, but above all it would to awaken that morbidity, and with Julio Iglesias I think he was going to give credibility to that song”.

Motos has joked: “Of course, you do the ‘privates’ song with Julio Iglesias, who is probably the person who has used it the most”, causing the artist and the entire set to laugh out loud.

Romeo has confessed that he was afraid that Julio would realize the analogy to the ‘privates’, since he took the audacity to send him the song, to see if he realized it himself.

It was not until after recording the song and with a view to making the video clip two months later, when Iglesias called Romeo and said “I have a question for you, have you written a song for the ‘privates’?” The singer, nervous, said yes, to which he replied: “No no, don’t worry, you’re a genius.”

The song by Julio Iglesias and Romeo Santos dedicated to his penis is called ‘Mi Amigo’, and when you stop carefully to understand the lyrics, everything makes sense.

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