Rosalía premieres her new single ‘Despechá!!!

Rosalía has made the wishes of fans come true, who have been asking her to release the full version of Despechá, her latest song, since she presented it at the first concert of the Motomami Tour in Almería. She finally did it this July 28 after performing in Bilbao.

Not even a month ago MOTOMAMI started and the unreleased songs that Rosalía has on her live show have already grabbed all the attention possible.

Just as he did in the El Mal Querer shows, in which he presented Aute Cuture, Lo Presiento, De Madrugá and Como Alí, this new stage paves the way for three other songs that we had not heard until his debut on July 6 in Alicante. These are Isolation, Money and Freedom and the famous Despechá.

This last one, Despechá, has become the most viral song in recent days and since it was first heard it has been consolidating as the song of the summer. The fans, and even Rauw Alejandro himself, have tirelessly requested the official version from Rosalía, who has finally released it this morning after the concert in Bilbao.

At first, the fans thought that it was called Lao a Lao, but the singer clarified in one of the shows in Madrid that the theme is Despechá. A week after making the name official, it is now available on all platforms.

With a Latin base, sounds typical of the Cuban mambo and lyrics that speak of heartbreak from female power, Despechá has caused a sensation even before its premiere The 35 seconds that Rosalía released for TikTok of the official version became a trend in less than singing a rooster And ever since she performed it at her concert in Almería, it has been the most searched track on Shazam.

Now it is also rumored that the singer could release a deluxe version of the MOTOMAMI album in which these unreleased songs would be included, but the truth is that it is information that has not been officially confirmed.

The song comes at one of the funniest moments of the MOTOMAMI TOUR concert. The singer’s team, prior to the start of the show, selects some of the fans from the first rows so that they can go on stage with Rosalía and her dance team to enjoy Despechá.

A unique moment, a gift for the fans who live in absolute disbelief. “A girl from Rosalía’s team asked me to show her my tiktok and some dancing videos,” said one of the lucky ones who took the Almería stage with the mother of all Motomamis.

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