Rosalía premieres the video for “Despecha”

It was one of the most anticipated songs of the season and after weeks of waiting, the video clip for “Despecha” by Rosalía is here!

The first time the song could be heard was in July, at the start of the “Con Altura” interpreter’s tour, and from that moment it became a success without even being published.

Her fans learned it thanks to the videos shared by those attending her concerts and after a long wait, she gave a preview that went viral. Now, his success is confirmed after he released the single. More than 11 million views on YouTube alone two weeks after its premiere.


But La Rosalía has not stopped there, because now she presents the corresponding video clip of her, which was recorded on the beaches of Mallorca just a few days ago in the middle of her Motomami tour. An audiovisual that is everything that could be expected from a summer song: water, beach, people having fun and cooling off in the sea.

In the images we see the artist in a summer environment among children and elderly people enjoying the beach while the catchy mambo sounds.

“There are many ways to be Despicable, on this subject it is from madness and freedom, without reservations or regret. This is the place from which I make music, from where I did it when I started and where I will continue until God says. I am grateful for having been able to travel in recent years and have learned from music from other places, including the DR, where artists such as Fefita La Grande, Juan Luis Guerra or Omega have inspired me and without them this song would not exist”, said the singer about what the song means to her.

In fact, Omega El Fuerte was going to participate in the song with Rosalía. Something that finally did not happen due to the decisions of the singer’s team, as she explained. Still, she stated that this song is a hit with or without him.

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