“Se menea”, the new from J Montana a mix of reggaeton and bachata

A mix of reggaeton and bachata A combination of colors and vocal nuances that make SE MENEA a refreshing song Mixing sounds of Reggaetón de la mata, and bachata, consolidating a new proposal in the urban genre, with a message of empowerment for the independence of women.

Performed by: J Montana, Vale Croswaithe, Yan Boss, Pepo, Loggan

The filming was carried out in the town of CIUDAD BOLIVAR, one of the most stigmatized in Bogotá Colombia, with the aim of showing the positive face of the commune and its people, a video full of color and beautiful views of the city, under the direction of IWANDER and CYBER MUSIC The collective in this production makes the project even bigger and more interesting since it was produced by BADLISSI nominated for the LATIN GRAMMY 2022 and DLUXE THE PRODUCER young Mexican producer,

SE MEEA song that is available on all digital platforms and on YouTube.

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