Selena Quintanilla will release a new single!

It was almost thirty years ago that Selena Quintanilla, known mononymously as Selena and called the “queen of Tex-Mex”, was murdered by Yolanda Saldívar when she was 23 years old and in the prime of her career. To keep her spirit alive, the Selena family and Warner Music Latina will release a new posthumous album by one of the greatest Latin artists of all time.

The Quintanilla family has revealed a regional remix version of “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti,” the first single from Selena’s upcoming 13-track posthumous album “Moonchild Mixes,” due out August 26. This is the third time that a different version of the 1987 song “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti” has been released, and it is the main single from this new album 27 years after her death.

“It really feels like she went into the studio again and recorded it,” Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla, told ABC News. “It’s really amazing”. The brothers added that the album is intended for the new generation to listen to her sister’s music: “The younger generation of her is discovering her and looking for her and want to know more about her.”

Seeking to inject something new into old music, the single written by original member of Selena y Los Dinos, Ricky Vela, and produced by Selena’s brother A.B. Quintanilla, had to be converted from vinyl to digital version. “We cleaned up Selena’s vocals, put them in the timing. And we also lowered her voice a little bit to make it sound a little more mature,” said A.B. Quintanilla.

Touching on the issue of exploiting Selena’s legacy, the brothers said they do everything to honor her memory and her legacy. “We are going to continue doing what we want with our music, with our sister, with our band. And I hope that people understand that everything we do, we do it with love and with beauty,” Suzette said of the new album Moonchild Mixes due out on August 26.

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