Miami, Puerto Rico, Medellin? Nothing of that. The epicenter of Latin sounds with worldwide repercussions will be Manresa this week. Because that is where Shakira and Ozuna have decided to record their new video. A collaboration that has caused a monumental stir not only in the Catalan city but also on social networks.

Because during the last few days rumors had begun to circulate that something important was going to be shot in the surroundings of the area of ​​the wall of the town of Manresa. However, few were those who expected that the one from Barranquilla and the one from San Juan de Puerto Rico would appear there to give life to their new joint song.

The most patient and the paparazzi took the prize of seeing the two stars of Latin and urban sounds heading to the shooting area just before chaos broke out both in the streets of the city and on social networks. The videos of the two artists began to spread like wildfire as well as the news that the clip had been interrupted by an unexpected guest who had an incident with security personnel and who ended up being arrested by local authorities.

According to Regió7, the producer of the video clip also chose a local supermarket to record other interior scenes there: “The first thing I thought was that they were lifting our shirts. Until we thought they were serious. My first reaction was to scare me. I don’t know how did they end up here” explained the owner of the supermarket chain in words collected by El Periódico de Catalunya.

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Several media outlets assure that the filming is being carried out by Jaime de la Iguana, a regular director of Shakira’s video clips with whom he has already filmed other projects such as No, Loca, Rabiosa… Witnesses to the filming assure that despite Because the music of the song is not heard, the Colombian runs in some moments with a heart of props in her hand.

And that is one of the great mysteries of this shoot: nobody knows, neither confirms nor denies that the song belongs to Ozuna or Shakira. It seems evident after I congratulate you that this hit together with the soloist could be the new single from the long-awaited new studio album by the one from Barranquilla, but for now it cannot be 100% confirmed.

After all the commotion caused by this recording, it seems that it will not take long to find out the details of what could be the next step in Shakira’s musical career in 2022, which is being especially convulsive for her on a personal level. But Ozuna has appeared on the scene to collaborate with her and dedicate some precious words to her on her social networks: How beautiful you are @shakira “.

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