Shakira makes her fans cry with a new single about Piqué: “It wasn’t your fault”

After announcing that she is coming with everything with her next album, the singer is gradually leaving tracks of her songs inspired by her ex-partner.

This Thursday Shakira made her millions of followers cry by announcing her new single about Piqué, as her fans pointed out. After the singer announced in her last interview that she was very inspired to work on her new album, she has slowly dropped hints about her upcoming songs.

Last month Shakira broke the silence and spoke for the first time about her separation from Gerard Piqué and did so with an extensive interview and a photo session where she looks spectacular. She also revealed to the famous fashion magazine how she feels and how much the situation has affected her children.

“Yes, I already have a complete album that excites me a lot. And some songs you will hear imminently, some are collaborations. Some are in English and others in Spanish, different genres… When I felt that I lacked the strength, as if I had no legs, those days I wrote songs and felt that I revived and came out strengthened”, confessed Shakira.

A few weeks ago, Shakira went viral after images came to light in which she is seen accompanied by the singer Ozuna. Later it was learned that the duo was working on a new song for the Colombian titled “Monotonía”.

After that, nothing was known about Shakira’s new album until today, when she surprised her followers with a video that showed the phrase “It wasn’t your fault.” In just a few minutes, the singer’s publication was filled with likes and thousands of comments that showed how eager they are to hear the new single.

“It was Piqué’s fault”, “Stop apologizing, it was his fault”, “You have to thank the unmentionable for this song”, “I feel that this phrase is not for him, but for herself”, wrote her followers, who also shared memes on different social networks crying over Shakira’s now famous phrase.

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