Shakira’s Determination Goes Beyond Her Music


Determination is a word that is quite familiar to Latin music superstar Shakira. Besides being an essential ingredient of her successful career, the perseverance of the famous Colombian artist has taken a new flavor in these days. On the one hand, her body has become a point of reference of how to get in shape after having a baby. On the other hand, she has moved into the offensive line with a lawsuit against her former partner Antonio de la Rua.

Next month, the cover of SELF magazine is featuring Shakira as an introduction to a special report where the Colombian star shares some of the secrets that allowed her to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape. A well-balanced diet and a solid commitment to a fitness routine that included personal trainers and Zumba sessions, are some of the things she discusses throughout the interview.

As far as the lawsuit goes, Shakira is fighting back at her ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, who has already sued the Colombian singer three times since their split back in 2010. This time, Shakira is suing her former partner for allegedly taking nearly US$6.7 million without her consent. Considering Shakira’s personality, Antonio de la Rua better be well prepared in order to face her former girlfriend and one of the most determined Latin music artists in the entertainment biz.

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