Silvestre Dangond releases new album in tribute to Leandro Díaz

Next Monday, Colombians will witness the bioseries that will recreate the life of one of the most important minstrels of Vallenato: Leandro Díaz.

This RCN channel project promises to win over the audience every night, who will be able to live the most important passages in the life of the teacher, who will be played by Silvestre Dangond, thus consolidating his acting debut.

Born in the department of La Guajira, in a musical family, Silvestre Dangond grew up surrounded by vallenato folklore, typical parrandas, and even meetings with teachers and minstrels. However, thanks to the experience that acting has given him, his love for him and his connection with the life and work of Leandro Díaz grow every day, and the certainty that he fully identifies with him.

“I am Leandro,” he said very proudly during recent interviews. For Silvestre, learning about the maestro’s family, their stories, loves, landscapes and the entire environment that surrounded him, has made his interpretation something special, stating that the love he feels for the maestro is immense, and allowing it to reach his heart and being inspired again for musical creation.

Silvestre has been so permeated with the work of Maestro Leandro that his love for his music led him to take time from where he did not have it to return to the recording studios, in Valledupar and Bogotá, to record and produce, together with Carlos Huertas. Jr., this album, the perfect means to pay homage to the role that he plays with so much love and passion, since it was the first official song with his son El Monaco.

This stands out as a perfect fusion between the ‘Leandro’ genre, the album contains 18 songs authored by Maestro Leandro Díaz, which marked very important moments both in the life of the maestro and in the series: Diosa Coronada, Dios No Leave Me, Spring, Forward, Matilde Lina, Three Guitars, Corina, Palo E’Mango, Summer, Story of a Child, Two Papers, Ford Model, Soy, The Badly Wounded, Smallpox, The Negative, The Ash Wolf and The Crier.

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