Snoop Dogg’s tribute to Vicente Fernández

After his participation in the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022, rapper Snoop Dogg surprised Mexicans, as he appeared days before the Banda MS concert in Los Angeles and paid a moving tribute to Vicente Fernández.

It was through social networks that a fragment of the presentation carried out at the Crypto Arena began to go viral in which Snoop Dogg presented -among a DJ set- the song El Rey by Vicente Fernández.

In the audiovisual, the American interpreter can be seen pointing out that the Charro de Huentitán was a “hero”.

“What I am going to do is show some affection for one of our heroes, one of the greatest. You know who I’m talking about, ”said the singer before he started the King’s music.

Thus, while the traditional verses sounded: “I know well that I am outside, but the day I die I know you will have to cry”, Snoop Dogg took the opportunity to deliver white and red roses to the public who sang and applauded the moment.

The reason why Snoop Dogg has participated in some concerts with the MS Band is due to the joint song.

Given this, on February 18, the band from Sinaloa performed at the Arena, a stadium located in Los Angeles, California, United States, -which has a capacity for more than 20 thousand people, but this time it managed to have more 35 thousand for the way the seats were arranged- where to the surprise of his millions of fans he had as a special guest the interpreter of hits like Young, Wild & Free, Gin N Juice or Drop It Like It’s Hot. There both sang their popular song called What a Curse.

In photographs and videos uploaded by the rapper and the musical band, you can see the emotion of the thousands of attendees who did not hesitate to sing the Spanish part of the song and try to keep up with Snoop Dogg when he rapped his verses, which are considered for Latinos as a great attempt to bring Hip Hop to the world of Mexican music.

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