Spotify’s new proposal for the car is called Car Mode. And although it is not available to everyone, it already shows what this new concept is about. As mentioned in 9to5Google, this mode is automatically activated when we connect the mobile to the car’s Bluetooth.

Once the user accepts this mode, a new Spotify interface will be displayed. Although it maintains the functions that we already know, it implements a simpler and more practical interface. For example, we will see larger buttons and the magnifying glass option (to write our search) will be replaced by the microphone icon for voice searches.

So it is not as empty an interface as we knew before, but it keeps the three tabs: Home, Search and Your library. Each one continues to fulfill its objective, but in a simpler and more organized way. For example, if you scroll to the library you will find the “latest” music based on your playback activity.

You will not only see this simplified interface in Spotify sections but also when playing the songs. You will see that the player view is different with only the essential options to play the music.

So one advantage you’ll find over the previous version, Car View, is that it’s much easier to find and play music. At the moment, this mode is in the testing phase, but it can be seen that it offers a more complete experience without neglecting the simplicity of the interface.

We will have to wait to see if Spotify continues to develop this interface or will turn to other concepts to improve the experience in the car.

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