Summer is Here! Sol, Playa, y Arena!

Ya lo se, tanto tiempo! Perdoname Porfa please. I know its been awhile! I am sorry paalease forgive me.
Studying for finals, working towards goals, spending time with family/friends- life gets busy!

I can share that I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I graduated with my Bachelors! Gracias a Dios por fin! jaja (That was for my mother)
If you are working towards a degree, new job, new family, any goal- Keep pushing and stay connected with your support system. Your support system is vital and helps with personal development.

My new venture for the moment is taking care of my mind, body (Summer body 😎) and yes- soul! If you haven’t tried meditation, I highly recommend it. Try this app called Calm (7 days for free) – Calm allows you to choose your top goals. My top goals are: better sleep, reduce stress, learn to meditate, and increase happiness. (Try with a partner, having a loved one nearby is always a plus)

For my body, I am trying daily to be more cautious of the food I eat. I have a meal plan now and am currently working with a Certified Trainer- Dmitri- IG: theshottad. I started May 1st, my body is much healthier and my workouts are providing serious results. Removing processed foods/sugars is a start. Don’t forget to drink water more often- our bodies need hydration! Eat more veggies! This can be extremely hard but so worth it. Involving family members and friends certainly helps, and everyone lives a healthier lifestyle.

🔊New Motto Alert: Health is the new Wealth & Self-care is Fair

Taking time out to simply breathe, at times, is hard to fit in our hectic schedules. Stress for me is killer, it causes migraines and major discomfort. Certainly stress comes in all forms. Focus on ways to collect yourself and find ways to reduce stress. A few examples, I think are healthy ways to reduce stress: exercising, spending time with loved ones, working toward your goals, hobbies, yoga, massages, meditation, plan a vacation, watch the sunset, and the list can go on!
Everyone I know is busy and being productive, taking the time to schedule me time- is important. Life is achieving balance and a journey that is individually based. Get back to what makes YOU happy. As we all know, happiness truly does comes from within.

My suggestion: Go outside for a walk/run, invite a friend for a home cooked meal, take yourself to a movie, buy yourself something new (AND within your budget)
I have done all of these as a part of my personal, I LOVE YOU package.

Thank you for reading familia Lamezcla.
Stay tuned for the next blog! Adios y Chow 😘
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