Syntek: “Music is healing reggaeton”

The singer and composer Aleks Syntek celebrates that the young public is increasingly open to hearing different proposals, because he considers that the world of music is emerging from a monopoly of the urban genre, which shortened people’s knowledge of other styles and artists .

Music is healing, the funnel of focusing on a single musical genre is never good. The urban took over everything and there came a time when the radio and the record companies did not ask you for anything other than reggaeton and those of us who did not want to enter were taken a little out of the game, “recalls Syntek.

Right now the taste for diversity is coming back, like pop, ranchera music, jazz, blues,” he adds.

Also, he applauds that people begin to consume music that is generated in Mexico, because with the arrival of urban almost everything that was heard came from Colombia, Puerto Rico.

To add his grain of sand, the singer presents a new version of his single “Eclipse de luna”, in collaboration with the Playa Limbo group.

The single, composed seven years ago, is a ballad that the musician included on his album Anatomía del amor, which has been on the market for a year and a half; he decided that he wanted to collaborate with a colleague and immediately thought of the pop group.

I felt that this song could have a second version. I made them the proposal and sent them the session so that they could work with it and do whatever they wanted to it, that’s how this version was given, which is much more rhythmic and energetic, for which, I predict, it will hit young people a lot, “said Syntek .

Playa Limbo vocalist Jass Reyes says that she and her bandmates felt honored when she invited them to collaborate with “Eclipse de luna”.

It is more difficult to redo an arrangement of a song that is not yours, because you did not conceive it from the first moment; you have to do it with a lot of respect and also trusting that if you were invited it is because there is music and similar tastes to be able to do this collaboration“ says Jass.

Another of the things that makes Syntek feel connected to Playa Limbo is that they have both been artists who defend the music they want to make and do not get carried away by fashions or trends, but prefer to give the public timeless songs.

The creator of songs like “Sex, modesty and tears” highlights that this kind of work is possible when there is humility on the part of both artists.

Since Ana Torroja in 2004 I haven’t stopped doing collaborations, this gives you the opportunity to run into another artist and absorb their knowledge and musical taste, it nourishes you a lot”.

The new version of “Luz de luna” is available on all digital platforms and from May 27 the video can be seen on the YouTube channels of both artists.

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